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When it comes to KYC, there are so many acronyms and words that it can be tricky to “know your KYC terminology”. Avallone’s here to help with easy-to-understand and thorough KYC definitions.


Whether KYC stands for "Know Your Customer", "Know Your Counterparty", "Know Your Client" or something else... Avallone has the definition for KYC and more. Learn all the terminology in this wide-reaching area of compliance.
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As ESG covers three key areas: environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance, there are many nuances and related terminology in this growing area of compliance.
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Immediate, secure and easy management of all your KYC efforts including built-in organization.
KYC Collector
Collect KYC - including information and documentation - from anyone outside of your organization.
KYC Responder
Quickly and easily respond to KYC questionnaires coming in from your counterparties - such as banks, law firms, auditors and more.