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KYC Expertise at your Fingertips

Whether you’re a fast-growing startup just starting to build your KYC team - or your department is made of industry veterans, it’s always helpful to have a knowledgeable partner to give you sound advice when you’re faced with challenging KYC situations.
How Avallone helps

Corporates, organizations, and financial institutions of all sizes are challenged with a complicated, ever-changing geopolitical environment which requires them to continuously understand and implement regulations related to KYC, sanctions and more.

Trust in Avallone’s KYC Advisory Services for that expertise and guidance.

Whether you need to establish a new KYC/KYB Program, Financial Crime Prevention Framework or update the one you currently have, our team can help you with assessing your risk, create the structure - where we design and document the policies and procedures that best suit the needs of your team and organization - as well as help with the implementation and rollout.

Avallone can also provide thorough KYC training - ensuring that your team is always up to date with the latest compliance requirements - as well as best practice processes and procedures for things like screening handling alerts, communication with counterparties and more.

And when difficult situations arise should you have a match on a sanctions list or the like, having a knowledgeable partner for discussions on how to proceed and to swiftly provide guidance and concrete, actionable recommendations is invaluable. Avallone can help on bespoke or a case-by-case basis when you need it.

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Other ways we can help you with KYC

Whether it's software or services, Avallone covers 360 degrees of KYC