Managed Services

Support for your KYC Workload

No matter the size of your team, everyone can always use an extra set of hands to help with the work - especially when it comes to detail-oriented, time-sensitive KYC matters.
Use Avallone’s Managed Services to give you a boost, so you can focus on what matters.
Power-up with Avallone

When it comes to KYC, there are so many important responsibilities and processes to maintain and document. Despite the significance, it also can be time consuming and quite frankly, repetitive and monotonous. This type of work can be overwhelming and disengaging - especially when there’s many other things on your plate.

Let Avallone’s KYC Managed Services help so you can focus on what’s critical and strategic.

Having an in-house team dedicated to KYC and the management of this risk can be costly and time-consuming - as it requires a very specific, niche skill-set - and often, hard to justify - as KYC is often work that is more periodic. It may be hard to get the approval for the budget and the headcount, but the work needs to be done - quickly and correctly!

With Avallone’s Managed Services, you don’t have to make any sacrifices.

Whether it’s for just a couple of months during a particularly busy, seasonal period for onboarding new customers - or a long-term solution that optimizes the time your team spends on KYC, Avallone can be your first line of defense - taking care of all the heavy-lifting for rigorous tasks such as reviewing screening results, assessing KYC answers from counterparties and more.

Ultimately, this gives you the control, risk management and future-proofing you need with a highly available, knowledgeable and efficient team that you can always rely on.

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