Case Studies

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It was impressive how quickly the Avallone platform KYC Collector allowed us to

implement the KYC data collection process + perform KYC/Due Diligence on Agreena's many farmers that we work with. In addition to an easy-to-use tool, Avallone has the service of providing initial recommendations + guidance for potential matches that provide support for the implementation of our KYC program.

Frederik Aagaard
Director of Corporate Commercial

When Avallone approached us, we were about to hire two people

just to help us with the onboarding and due diligence for establishing our entities. And knowing Anders Meinert Jørgens' track record and just seeing the platform, it was an immediate sell for us.

Bo Holse Rasmussen
Chief Financial Officer

We were looking for a way to handle our KYC-request in a worry free and safe manner

and Avallone does just that. Anders (CEO) has been very hands-on and understood that we needed additional features to be built to make Avallone suitable for our organization. The technical and onboarding teams have listened well and worked efficiently to develop these features without additional costs.

Sandra Schultz
Tax Manager