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Eglė Markelionytė

Financial Crime Prevention Services +
Support Lead • KYC • Lithuania
Photo by <a href="">Kelli McClintock</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

What I do at Avallone

I manage the Financial Crime Prevention Services team at Avallone - which includes overseeing our officers who are responsible for KYC questionnaires and screening monitoring - as well as providing guidance to our customers on their KYC processes.

Life before Avallone

Before Avallone, it was very corporate and full of lessons. It was a great “school” for me to finally get to where I want to be and feel like home.

”We’re purpose driven and understand the why.”

Working at Avallone

It’s just destiny. This is a job that came at the best time of my life and at the best moment of my capabilities, and it still teaches me new things every day. I feel very lucky to be a part of such a mindful team who are joined by our common goals. Being able to live the values and not only “know” them is a new experience for me.

My favorite Avallone value


We spend money as if it was our own

For me as a remote team member, it is important to have fun with the team and build the bond, travel to see them,  but at the same time to be mindful about the resources and find new creative ways to build up the team. Without that, I think being able to own your actions is something that mature teams are able to do, so that's one of the indicators of a successful company.

I’d describe my Avallone colleagues as...

They are the most professional, mindful, caring and funny people that I know. Before joining Avallone, I got a chance to meet some of them, and I knew that I would love to be a part of this team. It makes sense why the hiring of employees is longer than most. Avallone really does a good job on finding the best people and ensuring it’s a good fit for everyone.

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