Senior Product Designer • Product & Design/R&D • Copenhagen

Thai-Dan Persson

What I do at Avallone

I'm responsible for the product's overall design, from exploration/ideation to early prototypes and taking concepts through to production. I collaborate company-wide with teams to understand all the aspects of the problem before any design or development occurs to ensure the proposed solutions meet the expectation of the person using the product. My responsibility is also to ensure the design principles defined by the design team are represented in the implementation of the product. Ultimately, I always try to stay curious about exploring new possibilities as a part of the design refinement to translate my learnings from the user feedback into a better version. I always rely on the UX best practices to navigate the design direction and avoid investigating a problem that someone else has already solved.

Life before Avallone

I have been designing SaaS products at tech startups for about 12 years. Before joining Avallone, I worked for 4 years at GAN Integrity to help scale their products. One of my primary responsibilities there was to design an intuitive rule-based Due Diligence tool for Compliance Managers at companies who conduct business overseas with potential third parties. Before that, I was the first employee to join ChurchDesk when it was a tiny startup and worked there for 6 years to design a Church Management Platform that helps church staff and volunteers run their church more efficiently and better engage with the people from the community. Besides that, I have also been doing some freelancing and design consulting.

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“Don’t expect someone else to fix it”

Working at Avallone

In its early stage, Avallone is a company that already values a people-first culture - where you always feel your voice matters and have an excellent work-life balance. By saying that, I feel that a trusting and respectful environment where everyone is comfortable expressing their own opinion honestly, admitting mistakes, or feeling safe taking risks without negative consequences has been established. What I really love about this is that anyone can suggest or try out new ideas without having a fancy title - or need to wait for approvals from multiple levels of executive managers.

My favorite Avallone value


We always act as owners

I truly believe that being proactive instead of reactive is one of the most essential factors for the success of your product, team and workplace. Suppose you have identified any potential issues or negative tensions that require improvement. In that case, you should take ownership and be accountable to address it early before it grows bigger and becomes more complex to solve. Don't expect someone else to fix it.

A day in my life

First thing in the AM
During my day
In the evening
Bring my daughter to school
More design-related meetings and alignment
Watch Netflix or play Nintendo Switch
Review unread Slack messages
Collaboration with the team by investigating, design or code something
Read about food, technology, UX best practices or design in general
Drink a cup of coffee before the daily team meeting
Pick up my daughter from school
Play UNO and board games with my daughter

I’d describe my Avallone colleagues as...

Talented individuals full of work passion, positive attitudes and a willingness to put aside their egos for what's best for the team.

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