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Transforming Perpetual KYC to Proactive KYC

KYC doesn't stop after the initial information provided by one counterparty to another. In today's evolving geopolitical landscape, conducting regular, periodic KYC checks to ensure that your information is up to date and always verified is key.

While Perpetual KYC as it stands today is reactive and can be painful, join the webinar to hear tips from industry experts to transform this into an easier, proactive KYC process that helps everyone.

Event Details
Wednesday 16 August 2023
14:00 to 15:00 CET

About the speakers

Sune Warberg Clausen
VP Product


With over 10 years in banking compliance with senior roles at Danske Bank such as SVP: Head of Suspicious Activity, Reporting, First VP: Head of Money Laundering Reporting Office, and Managing Compliance Officer: Head of Global Compliance Monitoring, Sune has a wealth of insights about KYC needs from a banking perspective.

Today, Sune applies his background and vast knowledge as the Vice President of Product at Avallone - where he not only leads the strategy, design and execution of Avallone’s KYC platform and product line but also oversees the AML/KYC/Sanctions and Customer Success teams - ensuring all of Avallone customers get the best of all worlds: an intuitive, easy-to-use tool combined with top-of-the-line compliance expertise and exceptional customer experience.

Shpresmir Memisi


During his career, Shpresmir has developed a well-rounded overview of KYC regulations, AML/CTF and risk assessments from a banking perspective.

Bringing this knowledge into his current position as an Associate at Deloitte, Shpresmir has a particular knack for unraveling complexity - adept at navigating the realm of intricately structured clients as well as deciphering the aspects of KYC/AML within acquisition and private equity cases. Working with international clients, he has unique insights into topics like international legal entities and beneficial ownership structures.

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