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Save Time on Bank KYC

When working with funding and loans, banks and financial institutions of all sizes will ask you to complete a series of KYC questions - that usually come in the form of one or very often many KYC forms.

What are some good ways to reduce the time that you spend working on this?

In this session, the Avallone team will share their tips and best practices.

Event Details
Tuesday 30 January 2024
14:00 to 15:00 CET

"Banks are under strict, comprehensive legal requirements to collect KYC information... make sure that criminals do not misuse the financial system for money laundering and other financial crime related activities."

About the speakers

Eglė Markelionytė
Team Lead: Financial Crime Prevention Services and Support

After many years in the AML division at Danske Bank Lithuania - working with a variety of markets and their varying procedures and leading a team of 14 AML Transaction Sanction Screening experts, Egle decided to apply her vast expertise in the startup / software industry. At Avallone, she manages the Financial Crime Prevention Services team - overseeing the KYC officers who work on KYC questionnaires and screening monitoring - as well as providing guidance to customers on their KYC processes.

Lars Mørch
Chief Revenue Officer | CRO

As a veteran well versed in business development, Lars Mørch brings over 30 years of multinational Saas sales experience spanning multiple online services companies. He has among other served five years as Regional Sales Director at Workday and two years as Regional Vice President at Salesforce. From these positions, he brings an impressive track record of fostering relationships that propel the growth of the business. Today, Lars works closely with Avallone’s customers to understand their ever growing requirements on financial crime prevention and sanctions compliance to provide innovative KYC ideas and solutions that will allow them to excel - even in the framework of today’s geopolitical landscape.

Ada Chan
VP Strategy and Planning
Leading the concept and development of Avallone's evangelism efforts - amongst other responsibilities, Ada Chan has had over 25 years working in branding, marketing and advertising at organizations such as Moët Hennessy, MCD Partners and AQKA. In today's session, she will guide the conversation with our subject matter experts on KYC.

Session Transcript

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