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Agreena: High Speed KYC Maturity

Agreena was funded by visionary farmers and fintech-savvies in 2018 and is focused on unlocking the power of soil carbon removals and natural capital to finance the transition to regenerative agriculture. It is now Europe’s largest soil carbon platform supporting over 1,000 farmers to transition more than two million hectares of farmland in 18 countries. 

Agreena is expanding beyond Europe, while also diversifying its services as it pursues the maximum value for farmers using its leading monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) technology. With this extension of services to include supply chain and financial services solutions, Agreena is preparing to onboard a greater diversity of customers and so it decided to develop a KYC programme to ensure it can continue to provide the best customer experience. 

Watch this informative session to hear about Agreena’s approach and journey in growing its KYC programme to meet its rapid global growth.

Event Details
Thursday 14 March 2024
16:00 to 17:00 CET

"It isn't actually obvious that you would need KYC to do a carbon program..."

"We made a strategic decision early on... In our case, we have lots of business in countries which have traditionally plagued by high levels of corruption, and it was extremely important to us that we knew who our counterparties were and that we didn't end up in a situation..."

About the speakers

Rasmus Bjerre-Edberg
Financial Solutions Lead


With his proven experience in business development and customer centric advisory solutions, Rasmus Bjerre-Edberg is the Financial Solutions Lead at Agreena, where he develops new strategic business areas for financial solutions to accelerate farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture and carbon farming. Rasmus spends large parts of his time enabling cross-functional development of solutions to new and unforeseen challenges and was a key driver behind Agrena’s ability to pre-pay farmers.

Rasmus holds a PhD in biotechnology and prior to his time at Agreena, he led a number of business development teams working within Danske Bank, Nordea and Nykredit for more than 15 years and prior to that, served as a management consultant within McKinsey & Company for several years.

Harald Christian Nordtorp Henriksen
Customer Success Manager


With a background in Agricultural Economics from University of Copenhagen, Harald Christian Nordtorp Henriksen has been working at Agreena for the past +2 years - focusing on his work within the Customer Success team. As part of his responsibilities as a Customer Success Manager, he works together with the compliance and finance functions at Agreena to collect the KYC from their customer-base of farmers. As the front-line of this important KYC work, he has gained many insights on the best approach and best practices.

Sune Warberg Clausen
VP Financial Crime Prevention and Customer Success


With over 10 years in banking compliance with senior roles at Danske Bank such as SVP: Head of Suspicious Activity, Reporting, First VP: Head of Money Laundering Reporting Office, and Managing Compliance Officer: Head of Global Compliance Monitoring, Sune Warberg Clausen has a wealth of insights about KYC needs from a banking perspective. 

Today, Sune applies his background and vast knowledge as the Vice President of Financial Crime Prevention and Customer Success at Avallone - where he oversees the AML/KYC/Sanctions and Customer Success teams - ensuring all of Avallone customers get the best of all worlds: an intuitive, easy-to-use tool combined with top-of-the-line compliance expertise and exceptional customer experience.