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EuroFinance 2023

See what Avallone CEO and Co-Founder Anders Meinert Jørgensen had to say about what our he foresees next for the Treasury and Compliance industry and how Avallone is contributing to the solution for these future challenges at his interview at EuroFinance 2023.

Event Details
Barcelona, Spain
Wednesday 25 October 2023
14:00 to 15:00 CET

"There's a huge agenda around transparency...

That does into how data flows, how data can be supplied..."

Video Transcript

Anders Meinert Jørgensen:
My name is Anders Meinert Jørgensen and I am the CEO and Co-founder of Avallone. Avallone is a KYC platform that helps Corporate and Enterprises with both responding to KYC requests from Banks but also collecting KYC from their counterparties.

EuroFinance: What do you think is up next for treasury?

Anders Meinert Jørgensen: I think there's a huge agenda around Transparency so for treasurers and corporates to be more transparent about everything more or less and that goes into how data flows how they can supply data to their surrounding world. But especially in the context of Avallone - to be transparent with the business partners who they are who they work with and understanding actually their role in society related to ESG in general.

EuroFinance: You already mentioned this a little bit, but if you could talk about the challenges that you foresee and the challenges that you're solving for.

Anders Meinert Jørgensen: So at Avallone, we're very focused on fighting Financial crime, and obviously when you say Know Your Customer, KYC people will kind of almost start to sleep because it's a big pain point for the corporates. But you have to remember that we are fighting the underlying crime behind money laundering which is really all of the horrific Crimes of the world such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal arms trading, and organized crime in general. When we're fighting this with the AML, we're actually fighting the underlying crime and that's what we're trying to solve at Avallone. That's the challenge we're up for here - also at EuroFinance - which is to help the corporates with responding to KYC requests and taking that burden off their desks and at the same time, that we're actually making the world a better place.

EuroFinance: Fantastic! And can you just tell us a little bit about why you're at EuroFinance?

Anders Meinert Jørgensen: Yes, we love EuroFinance. It's our second year, and it's amazing for a startup scaleup like Avallone to be able to join the big banks and the big corporates here. The whole networking is simply amazing. It's super relevant people who are here, and you just have on-point, relevant conversations in a wonderful atmosphere.