Learnings after watching "Den Sorte Svane" (The Black Swan)

Anders Meinert Jørgensen (CEO and Co-Founder of Avallone) shares valuable insights and considerations drawn from the Danish documentary movie "Den Sorte Svane" (The Black Swan) and discusses four main areas/initiatives crucial for compliance:

  1. Resources
  2. Competences
  3. Technology
  4. Culture

Anders delves into these four pillars, emphasizing their importance in building a robust compliance framework. He explains how having the right people with the right knowledge, paired with advanced technology and a supportive culture, is essential for effective compliance.He highlights the significance of Conduct Compliance and the necessity of an internal framework to properly vet high-risk customers. Such a framework ensures that customers, like those depicted in "Den Sorte Svane" (The Black Swan), are subjected to appropriate scrutiny, preventing potential red flags from being overlooked.

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