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KYC in the Era of Global Sanctions: Strategies for product-specific compliance

With the many unfortunate conflicts we currently have worldwide, there is a growing focus on product-specific challenges both in respect of dual-use considerations - where dual-use is a term used to describe certain strategic items i.e.,  goods, software and technology that can be used for both civilian and military applications as well as sanctions with product controls as seen in the current comprehensive sanctions imposed on Russia. This attention to restricted goods has implications that impact risk mitigation and KYC processes for both companies that produce such goods and those that might purchase or use such goods.

This is an in-depth webinar exploring KYC and compliance with dual-use regulations and sanctions with product controls - along with the recent OFAC requirements on Foreign Financial Institutions, particularly focusing on sanctions which are continually evolving and expanding, posing challenges for financial institutions and companies globally.

Our knowledgeable panel will speak to practical insights into adapting KYC processes and requirements, ensuring robust compliance frameworks, and establishing effective policies and procedures for screening customers and vendors as well as products to meet evolving regulatory demands - so you can stay informed, stay compliant, and stay ahead with expert analysis and guidance.

Event Details
Tuesday 25 June 2024
15:00 to 16:00 CET

"It's good that a company does all the right things, BUT if you can't prove or document it..."

"...You are only half the way... Especially if the authorities come. If something happens, then they will ask what has happened, why has it happened and what have you done to prevent this from happening? Why will this not happen again?"

About the speakers

Lars Brodersen
Attorney-at-Law (L) and Founder of

With a company background as head of sanctions and export control compliance in a global manufacturing company for 6 years, Lars founded in 2016 - a law firm only working with sanctions and export control related matters assisting Danish and international clients in all sizes and within different sectors benefiting from his hands-on experience. Since 2013, Lars has been the leading provider in Denmark of training within this compliance area.

Sune Warberg Clausen
VP Financial Crime Prevention and Customer Success


With over 10 years in banking compliance with senior roles at Danske Bank such as SVP: Head of Suspicious Activity, Reporting, First VP: Head of Money Laundering Reporting Office, and Managing Compliance Officer: Head of Global Compliance Monitoring, Sune Warberg Clausen has a wealth of insights about KYC needs from a banking perspective. 

Today, Sune applies his background and vast knowledge as the Vice President of Financial Crime Prevention and Customer Success at Avallone - where he oversees the AML/KYC/Sanctions and Customer Success teams - ensuring all of Avallone customers get the best of all worlds: an intuitive, easy-to-use tool combined with top-of-the-line compliance expertise and exceptional customer experience.